Tips For Improving Your Clinical Depression Without Medication Or Mental Hospital Stays

If you are living with clinical depression, then the reality is that you well may require medications and even a stay in a mental health hospital in order to stabilize your condition. However, there are many other things you can do that have been proven to help people living with clinical depression to feel better. If you are struggling and in crisis, then you should contact your physician immediately. However, if you are just simply feeling down and wanting to improve your mood, follow these time-tested tips:

Tip: Go Outside and Get Some Exercise

One of the best things you can do to improve your mood is to go outside and get some physical exercise. Your body benefits from this simple thing in many different ways, including:

  • the production of vitamin D from the sunshine
  • the endorphins created by the exercise process
  • the dopamine from enjoying the fresh air and views

Even if you have a hard time talking yourself into getting dressed and leaving home, just going outside in your own backyard can greatly improve your mood enough to get you farther out from home tomorrow. The more you exercise and spend time outdoors, the more improvement you will feel in your mood and that improvement will help motivate you to do it more often.

Tip: Exchange Fruits and Vegetables for the Sugar in Your Diet

In addition to fresh air and lots of physical exercise, your body needs the nutrients and vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you tend to eat a lot of sugary and processed foods when you are feeling down, then you need to stop eating these foods and eat vegetables and fruits instead. Both the lack of toxic sugar and the increase in natural foods will greatly improve your mood.

Tip: Plan a Future Event or Vacation so You Have Something to Look Forward To

In combination with eating healthy and getting lots of outdoor exercise, your body and brain also benefit greatly from planning for your future. It has been proven that people need something to look forward to in their lives to keep them feeling positive and happy.

If you do not currently have any future plans to attend a special event or go on a vacation, then you should sit down today and plan something. What would you like to do? Where would you like to visit? The process of planning for your future and looking forward to special events helps to naturally improve your mood without medications.