Can Couples Therapy Help With Intimacy Issues?

After being in a relationship with the same person for a few years, you might notice issues with the intimacy you share with each other. You maybe had a great intimate relationship a few years back, but now sexual encounters might rarely occur. If you want to rekindle your relationship and experience closeness through intimate moments, you might want to consider going to therapy. Here are several ways it might help your relationship improve the intimacy that you both crave.

You Can Talk About How You Feel

Counseling helps you talk about issues that you need help with for your relationship. If you struggle to talk to your partner about deep issues, you will probably have trouble talking about intimacy. As a result, you might decide not to talk about it, which means you will never find resolutions for it. If you talk to a counselor, you can talk about anything, and your counselor will help you through these discussions. Each person can tell how they feel about the intimacy issues, and this opens the floor for discussion. To solve a problem, you must talk about it.

You Can Discuss the Reasons for the Issues

Next, the counselor might work on helping you determine why you have these issues. Some couples have intimacy issues from the busyness of life. If you have busy schedules, you might feel too tired to do anything when you get home. Other couples lose interest in each other or feel discouraged by the other person about unresolved issues. The goal is to determine why your intimacy issues are present, and this requires both people to talk about their feelings.

You Can Find Solutions and Ideas to Improve Your Intimacy

Finally, counseling can help you find solutions and ideas to improve your intimacy. For example, each person can state the things they would like to see differently, and they can schedule times to be intimate with each other. Improving intimacy might also require resolving other issues in the relationship. When you have other problems that you fail to talk to about, they can affect this area of your relationship. Your counselor can help you come up with ideas, though, to work through all your issues.

When you talk to a counselor about your issues, you can often find the causes of the issues. You can also find solutions for them. If you are ready to seek help and improve your relationship, contact a counseling center that offers couples therapy.