What To Expect From A Christian-Based Counselor

Counseling can help people improve their mental health, no matter where they're starting from. You can find counselors of every age, gender, and creed. Choosing a counselor is a highly personal process. The counselor that is right for you may not be the same counselor that's right for someone else. If you're a Christian, religiously or culturally, you may benefit from seeing a counselor whose practice is rooted in Christianity. Here are four things you can expect from Christian-based counselors:

1. Christian Insight

Christian-based counselors can offer Christian insight into your problems. As you tell your counselor about the things that trouble you, they can offer advice that is backed by the Bible. This can be very valuable for people who try to live by Christian values. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find solutions on your own. You may be too close to your problems to see them objectively. Having another person to help you can allow you to see solutions you might not have considered otherwise. Choosing a Christian counselor ensures that these solutions will be in keeping with your religious values.

2. Active Listening

It's important to feel heard. The feeling that someone is only half-heartedly listening to you can make it hard to open up. Fortunately, Christian-based counselors are trained in active listening. As you speak, your counselor will mirror your words back to you to show that they're listening and to ensure that they understand properly. They will also ask questions to clarify things that you say. Active listening can help you build a rapport with your counselor and remind you that your words and thoughts are valued.

3. No Judgment

People get vulnerable in counseling. Effective counseling requires you to be candid about your thoughts and feelings, which can be quite difficult. It can be even harder if you fear being judged. However, you can rest assured that Christian-based counseling is a judgment-free zone. Your counselor has your best interests at heart, and they will not think you're weird or bad, no matter what you say. You can feel free to share whatever is on your mind, knowing that you're in a safe place.

4. Mental Health Awareness

Christian-based counselors can help people find spiritual insight, but they're also trained mental health professionals. Your Christian counselor will be able to help you with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety using evidence-based practices. Proper treatment for mental health disorders can help you live a healthier and more functional lifestyle.