3 Ways Counseling Can Help After Infidelity

Learning that your partner has had an affair is often devastating. You may be coping with feelings of intense sadness or anger, as well as confusion about whether or not to stay in your relationship after the betrayal you've experienced. One of the best things you can do in this situation is to seek the help of a professional therapist who has experience with these matters. Here are three ways counseling can help you and your relationship after infidelity:

Counseling Promotes Understanding

One of the biggest reasons counseling is helpful after infidelity is that your counselor can help you understand each other in a more emotionally intimate way. After attending counseling sessions, your partner will have a much clearer understanding of the pain they caused you and may have more empathy for you too. 

Likewise, you may be surprised to learn that while you don't condone what your partner did, you better understand what led them to make this choice. You will both have a better understanding of each other's emotional needs, what has hurt each of you in the relationship, and what action is needed to heal.

Counseling Promotes Accountability

If your relationship is going to survive after infidelity, your partner needs to show accountability. A therapist with experience helping couples in this situation can help you come up with an accountability plan you both agree to.

For example, you may need your partner to call you every night when they are out of town or even share their phone location with you. You may need them to communicate more openly when they are unhappy with the relationship. Your therapist will help you agree to a few ground rules for rebuilding trust in your relationship.

Counseling Can Help If You Decide to End Things

If you decide you can't stay with your partner after they cheated, counseling can help with the transition. Your couple's counselor will help you communicate about the relationship ending with as much grace and compassion as possible.

Individual therapy can help you rebuild your self-esteem so that you can move forward as a newly single person with confidence. Counseling can help prevent your relationship from ending in a high-conflict or ugly manner.

It is normal to struggle emotionally after infidelity, but you don't have to suffer alone. By prioritizing counseling, either as a couple or individually, you will soon experience emotional relief and inner healing.

For more information, contact a local counseling center, like Reset Counseling & Wellness.