Taking a Close Look at the Necessity of Family Drug Counselling

Even though it may only be one person within the family unit who is actually addicted to drugs or alcohol, their addiction has an effect on every member. If you have a family member who has finally decided to commit to a rehabilitation program after a struggle with an addiction, don't be at all surprised if their adviser recommends that you and the rest of the household or other people involved seek therapy as well.

Depression In Adolescents: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

While all teens go through periods of sadness and lack of interest, depression is a mental disorder that can lead to experiencing such feelings consistently and cannot be treated without the help of a trained psychologist. While it can be difficult to determine whether your child is suffering from depression or just the usual teenage angst, the below overview can help you to better understand what depression is and what causes it, as well as symptoms to look out for and available treatment options.

Parenting A Challenging Child

Even though your child is healthy, you may seem to have more difficulties with him or her than other parents seem to have with their children. You could blame yourself for being a bad parent. The truth is that some genetic factors may be at work here and by becoming more knowledgeable, you can learn to be more effective with your child. The Interplay Between Environment and Genetics During infancy and childhood, your child's brain is still under construction in that it has a whole lot of newly formed neurons that are being guided by genes to plug into their proper locations.

3 Ways You Can Improve Depression Symptoms Without Medication

Depression is a psychological disorder that affects roughly around 350 million people around the world. Depression occurs when you have extended periods of time where you feel sad, hopeless, and you have lost interest in doing the things you used to enjoy. Some will have only depressive episodes, while others will also have manic episodes where they are the complete opposite of depressed. Many people find that medication is necessary for their depression treatment.