Ways To Achieve Balance Between You And Your Partner

A challenge that some married couples face occurs when one person's personality type is strong, and the other is mild. Generally, the stronger partner will take the role of the leader in the relationship, which may prove to be problematic. For example, this person may resent always having to be in charge, while the meeker partner may feel bossed around or even parented. If this situation describes your marriage, you may wish to seek help from a counselor, like Barbara Saban, LCSW.

3 Things You Need To Know About Addiction Recovery And Your Loved One

There are too many people who are living with an addiction. In the process, those who are addicted can hurt the people around them as well. If you have a loved one who is an addict, you might be wondering what you can do to help them. Here are some things that you should know about supporting them through their recovery. 1. Don't Take It Personally One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that they think they played a role in the addiction, and if the person loved them enough, they would stop.