Are You Tremendously Sad?

Of course, sadness is a part of everybody's life. For example, even little children who lose a beloved pet usually go through extreme sadness. If one loses a family member to death, that is a reason to mourn and to be sad. If one goes through a divorce, that life change can bring on real sadness accompanied by guilt. However, if you are going through a tremendously sad time and you are afraid that you aren't getting any better, maybe you are wondering if you need help.

Understanding The Basics Of LGBTQ Affirming Therapy

For many reasons, people may search for therapy that centers on LGBTQ issues rather than therapy that does not address the issues that come with it. Many people who enter therapy feel depressed, anxious, or not in control of their own lives. They may experience extreme grief, substance abuse, or another challenge. Many of these issues come with an extra layer associated with LGBTQ issues. In many cases, individuals who fall on the LGBTQ spectrum do not have non-judgemental families, even if they still receive a lot of love.

Can Your Marriage Survive Your Teenager? 5 Ways To Make It Through These Years As A Couple And A Family

If your marriage is being tested by a teenager, you're at risk as a couple. No matter how strong your marriage or how capable you feel as parents, this is going to be a tough time for the whole family. Don't be afraid to reach out for the help you need, and don't hesitate to reach out for each other to get through these challenging times as a couple. 1. Discuss Boundaries And Punishments Before They're Needed

Is Marriage Counseling Going To Help? Three Signs It Will And Three Signs It Won't

Is your marriage a little rough and rocky right now? Most marriages are after a few years. Once couples get past "the honeymoon phase", it takes a lot more work to stay together. Most people do not realize this when they are madly in love and get married; it usually hits them about one to five years later. (This disparity in years has everything to do with how stable the relationship was before the marriage -- the more stable and committed the couple, the longer the honeymoon phase lasts.

Modify Your Behaviors So That You Can Handle Your Work Tasks In A Positive And Effective Manner

Unrealistic expectations, changes in work responsibilities, and conflicts with coworkers can result in feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. If you have been striving to move up the corporate ladder, but feel as if your efforts have been made in vain and that your employer does not appreciate you, take the time to investigate your feelings and modify your behaviors.  Release Your Frustrations In A Neutral Setting Holding onto feelings of inadequacy can cause you to become withdrawn and perform poorly at work.